Mobile Clients Services- Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Mobile Clients Services-Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Which mobile company do you use:(Required)
1 – Most Important23456- Least Important
Time from scheduling appointment to arriving at your hospital
Ease of scheduling
Report turn around time
Educational treatment direction
Specialist accessibility to answer questions
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
Friendliness of your onsite mobile sonographer
Knowledge of your onsite mobile sonographer
Response time and helpfulness of inquiries sent in for any reason?
Response time and helpfulness of replies to your report inquiries from the SonoPath specialists (if applicable)
The time it takes for your onsite mobile sonographer to complete the scan at your clinic
Animal Sounds NW new services hours and time frames (Servicing all Eugene, Corvallis, Albany and Salem areas every day, Monday – Friday, with a 2 hour time frame instead of 4 hours).
Would you like us to set up an educational-based event/activity for you and your staff?(Required)
What educational topics are you most interested in?(Required)