Quiz: Help! I Can’t Get That View!: 20-753437

Quiz: Help! I Can't Get That View!: 20-753437

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If the ventricle appears too short on a right parasternal 4-chamber view, the transducer usually needs a(Required)
If no right ventricle is seen on a right parasternal short-axis view at the level oft he papillary muscles, the transducer is usually positioned too close to the(Required)
If the heart appears tilted on a right parasternal 4-chamber view and the apex is too close to the top oft he image, the transducer has to be(Required)
In order, to obtain accurate M-Mode and 2D-measurements(Required)
When doing M-Mode measurements from a right parasternal 4-Chamber view, the M-Mode cursor hast o be positioned(Required)