Quiz: SDEP® 17 pt. Abdomen Progression

Quiz: SDEP® 17 pt. Abdomen Progression: 20-745553


(Use the following profession codes for this board: Veterinarian=V; Veterinarian Technician=VT) SELECT FROM DROPDOWN!


Which structure does position 3 readily image?(Required)
What is the landmark structure to image prior to imaging the left adrenal gland?(Required)
What is the common mistake regarding imaging the spleen that the SDEP approach avoids?(Required)
How many positions are employed to image the liver with the SDEP 17 point?(Required)
How many main vessels are found in the portal hilus where ratios are calculated?(Required)
Which vessel in the portal hilus that runs parallel to the portal vein is color flow negative?(Required)
Which structure is the most cranial target for the C-Loop maneuver?(Required)
Which 3 views image the general abdomen and ileocecal valve?(Required)
What applies the pressure onto the abdomen of the patient in the SDEP approach?(Required)
Which position images the pylorus readily no matter what the stomach contents are?(Required)