Quiz: Ultrasound Protocols & Pathologies of the Shoulder: 20-858666

Quiz: Ultrasound Protocols & Pathologies of the Shoulder: 20-1073982


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In which position do we find pathology least commonly?(Required)
Convention for a short-axis view of the infraspinatus muscle has the marker positioned ___ as the standard view(Required)
The deltoid muscle is _______to the infraspinatus muscle(Required)
The supraspinatus tendon inserts onto the _____ and the biceps tendon emerges from the ____. The Supraspinatus tendon will ___ proximally and ___ distally.(Required)
The impingement view demonstrates the dynamic relationship between the(Required)
Biceps tendosynovitis (BT) is best imaged in which should protocol image?(Required)
Effusion noted in BT is most often ____(Required)
What is the name of the ligament often involved in impingement syndrome in act of calcifying tendonopathy of the biceps tendon?(Required)
The primary sonographic finding in clinical Impingement Syndrome that is ALWAYS present is(Required)
It is standard imaging protocol to diagnose shoulder joint pathology by ultrasound alone.(Required)