Thoracic Pathology & Ultrasound. When is it cardiogenic vs. other?: 20-936091

Thoracic Pathology & Ultrasound. When is it cardiogenic vs. other? 20-936091


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1. What is Starling’s Law?(Required)
2. Which of these medications is NOT indicated in the treatment of a cardiac issue?(Required)
3. How can you increase your imaging windows when assessing abnormalities in the lungs?(Required)
4. What 3 things define Virchow’ triad?(Required)
5. TRUE or FALSE? As long as you can create a window and reach the area of concern, you can perform a fine needle aspirate of a thoracic lesion.(Required)
6. Deep chested dogs are more susceptible to lung lobe torsions, but what are the more common breeds presented in this lecture that are prone to this acute condition?(Required)
7. What conditions can cause a lung lobe torsion?(Required)
8. TRUE or FALSE? Your mitral valve be positioned on the far right of your ultrasound screen to ensure proper Doppler flow evaluation.(Required)
9. In what SDEP® ECHO positions can you best evaluate mitral valve Doppler flow?(Required)
10. When evaluating for a possible pulmonary artery abnormality, where should you set your cursor?(Required)